Liberian School Project

Our mission is to educate abandoned and exploited children, survivors of the Liberian civil war as well as other unfortunate children. Civil war and poor infrastructure have crippled Liberia tremendously. Many businesses have fled, subtracting capital and expertise from the populace. This left Liberia, while rich with natural resources and lush forests and land, unable to sustain the advances of foreign ownership. Education is the first tool needed for rebuilding our country and combating an 85% unemployment rate. The African Living Abroad commitment and goal is to develop an advocacy organization dedicated to building schools in post war rural Liberia. Our mission commitment and hope is based on educating Liberia’s next generation in hopes to rebuild the country’s global presence, economy and pride.

We intend to serve all people who are need of education regardless of the race, ethnicity, or gender. We acknowledge and seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ in his interactions with the less fortunate, the powerless. The call to share resources with one another in his grace and love through faith in him. We hear his call to humanity and service to the poor. Our Seeds Tomorrow is an agent of change, building schools, and meeting the challenges of tomorrow.