Cycling Wellness Project

Promoting WELLNESS

through cycling

Cycling events will be hosted throughout the Atlanta metro parks. These family friendly events will offer an opportunity for all ages to participate in moderate exercise while bringing awareness to health and wellness as a whole and reduce the likelihood of contracting heart disease, diabetes, and other health. The aim of this project is to promote wellness through cycling.


With the procurement of 500 bicycles, OST can provide the opportunity for those in the community to participate in family oriented, and healthy fun. Moving from city to city, the cycle events will bring awareness to health issues prevalent throughout the community.

The Need

Regular activity is one of the most important contributors to wellness, quality of life, and disease prevention. Of the leading causes of death in the United States, many can be prevented and treated successfully if detected early enough. With modest amounts of activity, as little as 60 minutes per day, the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia, and numerous cancers can be lowered.


Our Cycling Wellness Project mission is to engage community, families-based, health experts, businesses, and others addressing the total wellness of youth and their families.

The objective of this program is to bring about impactful lifestyle changes to enhance the physical exercises, nutritional and physical well being of our community, especially with the rising generations.

Our goal is to eradicate as well as combat the high population of unhealthy citizens in our community.

Despite of the known preventative benefits of exercise, the lack of physical education in public schools isa growing concern. Over the past decade, the amounts of physical activity offered in schools have decreased. Less than 50% of the youth meet the US Department of Health and Human Services recommendation for at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. Without the recommended exercise, the youth are a greater risk for prevalent diseases and health issues, such as obesity, heart disease, and cancer.