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OST Liberian Mission 


The foundation is driven to provide education for the future leaders of tomorrow through the construction of schools in post war Liberia for its immediate purpose. Future integration will include areas of public health awareness and education supported by the building of libraries and computer technology infrastructure. 


OST Liberian STEM School Project




Liberia in Crisis

 For the past 14 years the civil war has taken a toll on every one and every industry in the country from the least to the greatest has been impacted by the devas ting artilleries, bombs, poverty, lack and loss of stability for all citizens residing in the rural areas caught in the cross fires. Since the conflict ended more than 50% of the schools were destroyed. The most important factor is that majority of the population is not literate and cannot ascertain the skills necessary to combat the common issues plaguing the villages and townships. Majority of students who get some base education never go beyond to a post-secondary where the country is high demand for educators, masonry, electrical, medical, technological professionals to aide in the rebuilding of the country.

  • Child Survival and Health
  • Child Nutrition
  • Maternal Health& Newborn care
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Education
  • Child protection
  • Child disability
  • Early childhood development


Our Seeds Tomorrow understands the value of education has on the success of a country’s economic growth


OST Education Mission

Our mission is to educate abandoned and exploited children, survivors of the Liberian civil war as well as other unfortunate children. Civil war and poor infrastructure have crippledLiberia tremendously. Many businesses have fled, subtracting capital and expertise from the populace. This left Liberia, while rich with natural resources and lush forests and land, unable to sustain the advances of foreign ownership. Education is the first tool needed for rebuilding our country and combating an 85% unemployment rate.


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