As an agent of change, Our Seeds Tomorrow (OST) is dedicated to meeting the challenges of tomorrow. We plan to launch its Job Readiness Program as a part of their education and empowerment initiative to address the high unemployment rates, which exist within the Metro Atlanta area. This high rate of unemployment impacts families and leads to the systemic issue of homelessness among families, as well as underemployment which is increasing as companies continue to eliminate jobs without any knowledge skills transfer or re-education to prepare those out of work with new found skills.


Financial Literacy Workshop with Mrs. Aneitha Powell

The mission of our job readiness program is to bring about additional opportunities to obtain and retain living wage, long-term employment, complemented by access to opportunities for career growth.

OST will offer a workforce job readiness-training program offering courses in job searching techniques, resume writing, interview skills, mock interviews and job sustainability.

OST Financial Literacy Program

Financial Illiteracy is an obstacle faced by developing or emerging communities as well as advanced societies throughout the world. Lack of financial education is affecting individuals (girls or boys), families, and communities. It slowly starts to affect the local economy and eventually spreads out to the global level. Attainment and development of wealth management principals and skills are essential to growth at all levels. Studies show that personal finance education programs in later ages have very limited affect. Also, it may not fully prepare a young person for later years to face real-life economic decisions like buying a house, understand workplace benefits, investments, or saving for retirement. With a few basic Financial Literacy lessons, it is always possible to be a “best budgeter” irrespective of one’s income level.