OST Liberian STEM School Project


Our Seeds Tomorrow (OST) believes that the greatest wealth given to children is education. Education is the key to enact change globally for today’s and tomorrow’s future seeds.

The biggest issue with Liberian education is the qualified teachers teaching the primary schools. Libera only has 56 percent of its teachers who were trained to teach a primary school class. Primary school is the foundation of a students’ education. Primary school is where you learn about the basics of reading and writing and mathematics. Primary school students are “learning to read” to which they will develop their skills to “read to learn” in higher levels of education. In developed countries, there are a series of qualifications that are required to teach any class. For example, there are teacher certifications that people must obtain to prove that they are good enough to teach in a classroom setting. There are education studies and majors in most universities that teach the basics of how education should be taught and allow you to specialize in a certain subject that a student feels best about teaching. Liberia’s percentage of trained teachers is very low, even for the Sub-Saharan African countries, which on average has 78 percent of trained professionals teaching primary schools.

Our Seeds Tomorrow’s goal is to develop an advocacy organization dedicated to building schools in post-war rural Liberia. OST’s involvement and commitment are based on helping to educate Liberia’s next generation by aiding in their global presence, economy, and pride.

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