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Our Seeds Tomorrow

Atlanta, GA

Our story

    2013 marks the year of harvest for this foundation, but the seed to establish this exemplary humanitarian movement sparked Dazia Fumbah, the Executive Director of Our Seeds Tomorrow creative energy in 1990.A born visionary and descendant of a family with a legacy of commitment to education, public welfare aligned with commitment to service, Fumbah’s vision has now become reality. The grandson of a Parliament Chief from Lofa County, Zor Zor District community in the country of Liberia, the legacy of Our Seeds Tomorrow was born out of Fumbah’s firm upraising and family influence of building schools within the Lorma Tribal Community.  Fumbah’s parents G. Henry Fumbah, Sr. & Lovesta Johnson were both educators within the Liberian community.  Fumbah’s Aunt Patricia B. Kennedy was a major builder of schools throughout Liberia.


Due to the civil war in Liberia, many schools were destroyed leaving thousands impoverished.  Fumbah’s passion and belief in community remained focused for the past 25 years with civic service through active youth coaching and mentoring, philanthropic causes related to the Liberian community, and local church volunteer service within the Greater Atlanta throughout the development of Our Seeds Tomorrow foundation becoming a reality.


The foundation is driven to provide education for the future leaders of tomorrow through the construction of schools in post war Liberia for its immediate purpose. Future integration will include areas of public health awareness and education supported by the building of libraries and computer technology infrastructure.Fumbah’s elementary education was heavily influenced by one of his mentors, Mother Maggie Lumpkin, Founder of the Liberian Soul Gospel Clinic Mission School, bore the core values today that shapes his drive and determination; Conceive, Believe and Achieve- these three words can be the catalyst for growth for many of our future leaders. Our Story is Your Story- every seed planted becomes a harvest. Our Seeds Tomorrow foundation embraces those individuals who have a passion and commitment to advocacy, and the dedication and desire to make a difference. You are always invited to make Our Story, Your Story. Life is not about finding your feet. It’s about creating yourself. Dream BIG! Dreams are whispers from the soul. Find your purpose and passion in life by offering a donation or committing your time to volunteer. Our Seeds Tomorrow equips the next generation for future provocation through education.



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