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Our Seeds Tomorrow

Atlanta, GA


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Testimonial about our organization

~ Dr. Oliver T. Reid, Founder of Oneness Through Redemption

Our Seeds Tomorrow is an organization provoking change around the globe. Advocacy and awareness are both at the core of this great organization. It is truly a breath of fresh air sweeping across the globe. Our Seeds Tomorrow is leading the way in education, restoration, and reformation in communities across the world. I am honored to serve along side the Founder, Dazie Fumbah and an organization of this magnitude. The best is truly yet to come for Our Seeds Tomorrow.

~ Gregory White ~ City of Decatur Active Living Director

Our Seeds Tomorrow is a organization that is moving on a fast track to address global issues. As the Director of Decatur Active Living it has been a pleasure to work with such a organization that thinks creatively, cutting edge and brings resources to the local community. I have enjoyed working with Dazia Fumbah, the founder of Seeds Tomorrow. Our Seeds Tomorrow organization is a change agent that will impact global issues for many years embracing the community to think out of the box.

George E. Crayton ~ IT Executive ~ US - Africa - EU ~ Fusion/Converged Technologies, Inc

"Our Seeds Tomorrow is an organization that is a major rising star. They started as a seed that was planted, germinated and nurtured my Mr. Fambah. I've watched him put in years of hard work. The organization is now morphing into an agent for change. They are helping the youth in the US, Africa and other parts of the world prepare for a brighter tomorrow. Great job to you and your team Mr. Dazia Fambah!"

~ Liberian Association of Metropolitan Atlanta (LAMA) ~ Pres. Leo Mulbah

Our Seeds Tomorrow is a movement that makes you move. Move to empower children to learn through providing educational assistance in the form of awareness programs. Encourage the parents of children by assisting with job placement and job readiness, housing assistance, and preventative wellness screenings. This Movement is your movement, and your ability to move into action to help the lives of those impoverished within your community is the greatest need and service you can provide to your community, Make your move with Our Seeds Tomorrow.

As President of the Liberian Community of Georgia, I have had the awesome privilege of being asked to make remarks in support of many different nonprofit organizations established by compatriots in response to the clarion call to human capacity development in post war Liberia.

However, approximately two years ago when I received a call from Mr. Fumba informing me that he was launching an educational organization tailored towards helping underprivileged children receive quality education called, “Our Seeds Tomorrow”, I was moved profusely simply because I know Mr. Dazie Fumba to be a man of impeccable repute.

Frankly, Mr. Fumba is a member of an elite class of compatriots with devotion and ardent desire to help lift underprivileged children from obscurity to some semblance of hope. I have personally been a beneficiary of Mr. Fumba’s generosity; years ago as a young college student, Mr. Fumba encouraged me and others to stay in school by organizing soccer tournaments and other educational activities during the summer.

In view of the aforesaid, I remain eternally optimistic that “Our Seeds Tomorrow” will forever lift millions of underprivileged children from obscurity to prominence, because at its core it epitomizes the very essence of humanity.

I salute you and your able team, Mr. Fumba; may His unbridled grace and mercy be sufficient to direct your path always.

~ Leaning Forward,Gino ~ Judge M. Gino Brogdon, Sr.

"Having known this remarkable man, Dazia Fumbah, for over two decades, I understand the heart and mission of Our Seeds Tomorrow. I support this organization because it represents, creates and protects the future for us, our kids and many generations to come."

~Pastor Tim Smith, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Atlanta

When I first met with Dazia Fumbah to discuss his dream of Our Seeds Tomorrow, I was concerned that the goals were admirable but the resources were too meager and the obstacles too great for the success of yet another well-intentioned non-profit. What I underestimated was the contagious passion that he brings to this, his life’s purpose and opus. Just as Mr. Fumbah has repeatedly overcome challenges in his own life that would have left most of us swirling in despair, so has Our Seeds Tomorrow overcome a series of roadblocks in its infancy that would have stymied the average person. Quickly Our Seeds moved from a sole focus on building schools in Liberia where Mr. Fumbah was born, where his mother taught, and where much of his family still lives, to additional local focus on supplies for local disadvantaged school children, Ebola education, and health and wellness advocacy and action for a number of projects, both in the Atlanta area and worldwide. I believe in what Mr. Fumbah and the board of Our Seeds Tomorrow aspires to do, and I invite you to learn more about this organization and to consider supporting it with your time, your prayers, and your dollars.